Victoria L. James


How did you get started as an author?

I wrote in secret for years and then created a RP group on Twitter which involved writing live to quite a big audience every single night for two years solid. It gave me the confidence to put my words out there for people to judge. In 2014, I decided to take the plunge. I haven’t looked back since. 

What was your first book?

Izzy Moffit’s Road to Wonderland

How has your writing style changed?

You’d have to ask my readers. Ha. I do think I’m a better judge of what makes a memorable story now, and I’m able to be less precious over my words and make the necessary cuts without it hurting too much. 

What are you writing about in the anthology?


Why are you taking part in this anthology?

Because I think putting mental health, particularly in men, in the spotlight is important. 

Why do you think it's important to spread the message of this anthology?

We have to raise awareness and let the world know that no matter how people seem on the outside, everyone has struggles. Everyone. 


Did you research your story?

Always. Especially for a subject as sensitive as PTSD

Is there any one thing you have to have when writing?


What influences your work?

Everyday life. I watch people and I study them. 

Who is your favourite author?

Emma Scott/Amy Harmon/Kate Stewart

Any book that holds a special place in your heart.

Twilight. It’s why I started writing seriously.