How did you get started as an author?

Oh man, I started writing when I was six (my first 'book' was a massive 3 pages long about a little girl and her pet dragon who catch bad guys), and never really stopped. Way back in the early 2000s, I joined a local romance-writers group and one of the members mentioned Changeling Press (an erotic digital publisher) was accepting submissions. I went home, bought and read ten romances from their catalogue, had my eyes opened to erotic romance, and wrote my very first one - a sci-fi adventure that would have mortified my mum if she ever knew of its existence. I sent it to Changeling Press and 24 hours later I had a contract offer. My life changed after that...and it keep changing with every book I release.

What was your first book?

Shifting Lust: The Chamelyon's Curse

How has your writing style changed?

I've definitley become less passive in my writing (I think all newbie authors tend to look back at their early work and go "wow, what was I doing?") For a few years, I tried to be more structured, tried to consciously hit the beats, because that's what I was told "real authors" do, but I realised last year, I'm one of those writers who needs to just sit down and let it all pour out. So that's very much what I do. 

What are you writing about in the anthology?

My hero has early on-set Parkinson's disease. PD has had a horrific impact on my family. My dad has PD, my brother has PD (he was diagnosed in his mid 40s) and both of my uncles had PD (and passed away from PD-related illnesses) So yeah, Parkinson's disease has really screwed my family over. But the thing I've always noticed is the way my family deals with it. Not with tears and anger, but with sardonic humour and stubborn determination. My hero does the same thing, and I hope I add some laughs and some tears to this amazing collection of stories.

Why are you taking part in this anthology?

It's an incredible cause. And I love meeting new authors (I'm very much an introvert who rarely approaches anyone)

Why do you think it's important to spread the message of this anthology?

I've been reading romance since 1985. I've been writing it for almost as long, and I've been a published romance author since 2005. The typical romance hero has evolved since the 80s, but I sincerely believe presenting less than physically and/or mentally perfect heroes is important. Yes, reading romance can be an escape from reality, but showing a hero who isn't the generic perfect stud can make it more heart-warming and real. Does that make sense?


What is your favorite line from your manuscript?

Google hasn’t taught me everything yet, and the pamphlet Dr Murrell gave me didn’t have a section titled 'Cupping and Squeezing Boobs'.

Did you research your story?

Ahhh, see my answer about Parkinson's disease earlier. This is a subject I know so much about (I've also written a New Adult romance as Cherie M Hudson about a 22yr old young woman who is diagnosed with PD. It's a subject very close to my heart)

Is there any one thing you have to have when writing?

A window open. Even in winter, I have to have the window open next to my writing desk. I love the feel of air moving around me. 

What influences your work?

Life. As cliche as it is, life. Everything I do, see, hear, read... Yeah, life pretty much sums it up.

Who is your favourite author?

Stephen King. And Douglas Adams. And Jennifer Crusie. (Sorry, I can't limit it to just one)

Any book that holds a special place in your heart.

Oh god, yes! Catch-22 by Joseph Heller changed everything for me. I read it onve a year, every year. Plus Douglas Adam's The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Oh, and Crusie's Welcome to Temptation (it's the book I tell everyone who doesn't read romance to read. Seriously, it's freaking fantastic!)